ZUS nie umie w komputer. Kosztuje nas to krocie

ZUS doesn't know how to use computers. It costs Poles a fortune

The Social Insurance Institution is not good at computers. The technological backwardness of officials costs us several dozen million zlotys a year.

It would seem that we live in the 21st century, where digitalization is nothing new. However, bareisms are still alive and costing us a lot of money. A perfect example is ZUS, which does not know how to use computers – informs Dziennik Gazeta Prawna in today's issue.

ZUS and digitization

It turns out that the Social Insurance Institution is still stuck in the previous century and cannot fully cope with the ongoing digitalization. This is visible, among other things, in the need to collect paper copies of civil status when it is possible to download them using computer systems.

ZUS argues that if the applicant does not attach the required copies of civil status records to the pension application, these are obtained by the office on its own.

For this purpose, software is to be used that allows you to download them directly from the Civil Registry. It was implemented in November 2023, costing several million zlotys. The system also needs to be maintained, which generates further costs.

However, theory is one thing and practice is another. In fact, although ZUS has an appropriate system that generates costs, it refers clients to paper documents. Civil registry offices estimate that it may cost at least PLN 75 million annually. This is the amount that could be saved if officials learned to use computers.

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