Żabka ulepszy kasy samoobsługowe. Dziwne tylko, że dopiero teraz

Żabka will improve self-service checkouts. It’s strange that only now

Self-service checkouts, although becoming more and more popular in Poland, can also be problematic. Żabka has an idea how to deal with this.

In the West, more and more chains are giving up self-service checkouts. Not only have they proven to be problematic, but they also make thefts much easier. This trend does not apply to Poland for now and in fact, more and more self-service checkouts are appearing here. Not everyone is their fan, but Żabka has an idea on how to solve their biggest problems – informs the website dlahandlu.pl.

Remote control of the self-service checkout

I suspect that anyone who has used a self-checkout system knows what problems they can cause. Although in theory they are supposed to streamline the entire purchasing process and relieve store employees, in practice they often have to break away from their activities and intervene due to some problem or error. This is irritating not only for customers, but also for cashiers. Żabka wants to solve this problem.

The Żabka chain came up with the idea of ​​providing store employees with special devices that give them remote access to self-service checkouts. Thanks to this, if there is a need to help a customer, they will not have to break away from other duties, e.g. putting products on shelves. The device will allow them to intervene remotely.

Self-service checkouts are playing an increasingly important role in the Żabka store chain, they help relieve cashiers’ workload and, at the same time, still generate actions that require cashier intervention. The business goal of the project is to optimize store processes and enable cashiers to undertake operational tasks on the sales floor, without having to wait for the customer near the cash register or approach the cash register each time in situations where customer acceptance is necessary. To achieve this, the cashier must have a device that will inform him about important messages, errors and actions performed at the self-service cash register and allow the user to accept them remotely.

– Żabka describes his idea.

I don’t know when Żabka intends to introduce such devices in its stores, but the idea certainly seems interesting. It would significantly improve the purchasing process and further reduce the workload of store employees. Currently, we are looking for a company that would be able to provide this type of solution, so we will definitely wait for its implementation.

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