Takiej płyty głównej nie widziałeś. Jest jedyna w swoim rodzaju

You've never seen a motherboard like this. She is one of a kind

Not all equipment designed by manufacturers ends up in stores. Some are made for internal use. And today we will take a look at such a motherboard.

Although nest times LGA 1200 are long gone, as it debuted in 2020 with processors in mind 10th and 11th generation Intel Core, so today we will focus on the motherboard from this period. Photos of an unusual model that never appeared on sale appeared on the Internet.

A unique motherboard was created for Kingston

Platform user X with a nickname “wxnod” came into possession of an interesting variant of the album ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero. A keen eye can immediately spot that the platform it does not have classic RAM banksand instead we are talking about connectors for modules SO-DIMM DDR4, such as in laptops.

Additionally, compared to the store version from 2021, there is no extensive cooling for the SSD and chipset or the audio section cover. The Intel Z590 system only has a small heatsink with an inscription “TEM14280”. The whole thing works under the control of BIOS in the beta version dated April 20, 2022.

You've never seen a motherboard like this.  She is one of a kind

Adding to this the fact that when launched, the Kingston FURY logo is displayedit should be assumed that this board was created for Kingston's internal needs for testing DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM modules.

You've never seen a motherboard like this.  She is one of a kind

And where did wxnod get this equipment? The Internet user does not reveal this. He could have simply received it as a gift from one of the employees of the mentioned companies, or bought it on a platform such as China's Goofish, which specializes in selling pre-release electronics and various engineering samples of CPUs, GPUs and motherboards.

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