YouTube z potrzebną nowością. Zwróć uwagę na pewien detal

YouTube with the new thing you need. Pay attention to a detail

YouTube is making an important and needed change. New signs will appear on the website. The creators have already been informed about everything.

YouTube has decided to introduce an important, but at the same time very necessary change. This is the website’s response to the growing possibilities of artificial intelligence. New markings will appear next to the videos.

YouTube will flag AI

YouTube has already informed creators on the platform that they must mark videos that were generated entirely or at least in part by artificial intelligence. These are materials that are so realistic that viewers can mistake them for real ones.

Generative AI is changing the way creators express themselves, from storyboarding ideas to experimenting with tools that streamline the creative process. However, viewers increasingly expect greater transparency about whether the content they watch is altered or synthetic.

– says YouTube’s statement.

YouTube has provided several examples of content that must be flagged. These include AI-generated people, real places or scenes (e.g. a tornado). By selecting the appropriate option next to the video, information will appear that it was created using artificial intelligence.

For now, YouTube does not provide penalties for not flagging this type of content, but the platform has indicated that doing so repeatedly may result in some kind of warning. The website also reserves the right to automatically add information about the use of AI.

At the same time, creators do not have to mark content that is not realistic in this way. This includes, among others, animations, special effects or materials in which AI was used to support production.

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