YouTube z nową funkcją. Kliknij dwa razy i zobacz

YouTube with a new feature. Double click and see

YouTube is testing a new feature that should appeal to its users. It's a pity that it is reserved for the chosen few.

YouTube systematically tests new, experimental features. These are not available to all users, only to lucky ones. The same is true of the latest innovation, which – if introduced – will only be available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

New on YouTube

This novelty was called “jum ahead”. If you use YouTube, you probably know that double-clicking on the right or left side of a video allows you to advance or rewind it 10 seconds. Jump ahead works similarly, but takes you straight to the most interesting part of a given material.

How will YouTube know which moment is the most interesting? Both data collected from users themselves and a machine learning algorithm will help with this. In this case, double-clicking on the video will first rewind it by these 10 seconds, but at the same time the “jump ahead” button will appear, which will allow you to move to the selected moment.

YouTube warns that the function will not work for all materials, but we do not know on what basis they will be selected. They will likely need to achieve a certain popularity to collect relevant data. Additionally, as I mentioned, the feature will only be available to YouTube Premium users.

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