YouTube Jumps Into AI Video Creation with Dream Screen

YouTube presented two new features to make life easier for its creators: Dream Screen, which allows you to generate shorts aided by AI and YouTube Create, an editing application directly on a smartphone.

During its Made by YouTube conference, Google presented three major new features that make it easier to create content on YouTube. All three features, Dream Screen, YouTube Create, and additions to YouTube Studio, leverage generative AI.

Throughout the conference, Google placed a lot of emphasis on the challenges that the use of AI posed: difference between copying and inspiration, approaching technology with responsibility… Without giving real answers.

Dream Screen: generative AI video becomes mainstream

Dream Screen will be launched sometime in 2023 and its introduction is likely to cause a lot of noise. This new generative AI feature allows you to create short videos just by typing a few words to create Shorts. It is also possible to create backgrounds to integrate out-of-the-ordinary settings into a Short.

During the conference, several examples were presented. All you had to do was type in “Dragon flying over New York City,” “Vaporwave mountain,” or “Labrador driving” to get a video depicting that. Enough to further increase the 70 billion daily views of YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Create

YouTube Create is perhaps aimed at slightly more experienced creators. It’s simply an editing application, designed to be able to edit a complete video on a smartphone. It can be a short or a 10 minute vlog according to YouTube.

Inside, you can cut the rushes, move them, add royalty-free music, remove extraneous sounds and add subtitles.

The app is available in beta on the Play Store, but there is no App Store version yet.

YouTube Studio also benefits from AI

YouTube Studio is the space known to all creators who post on the video platform. This will integrate three new features in 2024 taking advantage of generative AI to improve the creative process. Here they are :

  • Help for brainstorming video ideas. For example, just type Portugal, and the tool will present various topics that “interest” viewers on YouTube related to Portugal, such as making a travel video of memorable places for example;
  • A royalty-free music search tool (Creator Music) already available in the United States;
  • Aloud: the creation of automatic dubbing. This will initially only be available in English, Portuguese and Spanish;

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