Nie jesteś zalogowany? YouTube ma niemiłą niespodziankę

You’re not logged in? YouTube has an unpleasant surprise

You don’t have a YouTube account or want to use the site in Incognito mode? You will be in for an unpleasant surprise.

YouTube has been trying to make users’ lives miserable in recent months. The website first declared war on people blocking ads, and now it has prepared an unpleasant surprise for those who are not logged in. After entering the home page, they may be very surprised.

YouTube without recommendations

YouTube users who are not logged in will see a void after entering the website. The website stopped recommending any films to such people. Instead, they will only see a short message saying:

Search for something first. Start watching videos to help us create a tab with content you’ll love.

Until now, YouTube showed recommended videos even to people who were not logged in. What’s worse, even searching for the content and viewing it will not change the view of the home page in any way. Some people who have cleared their history and turned it off in the website settings also see a blank page.

YouTube blank page

Apparently, YouTube wants to force us not only to log in to the website, but also to enable history. From Google’s perspective, this seems understandable, but I’m sure users won’t be happy.

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