Your e-bikes become even more secure with this novelty from Bosch

With the possibility of adding the screen of your electric bike as a digital key, Bosch increases the protection of electric bikes with a double solution, in addition to the telephone.

That’s it, you’ve taken the step of buying your new electric bike. But it is expensive, several thousand euros, and you are afraid of having it stolen? Solutions exist at Bosch, thanks to its Smart System environment via the eBike Flow application.

This application, which manages a counter as well as your characteristics or geolocation, now allows you to transform your smartphone into a digital key “eBike Lock”. More specifically, your phone becomes a hands-free system, connected via Bluetooth, to lock or unlock the electric assistance.

Two digital keys for double e-bike protection

From now on, this function is linked to the screens of the bike, thanks to an update, we learn in a press release sent to the editorial staff. The novelty affects the top-of-the-range models, the Bosch Kiox 300 and Kiox 500. These screens therefore also become a digital key.

You can choose whether the screen, the phone or both are the digital keys needed to start the bike. By choosing both, you must therefore remember to have your phone with you with Bluetooth activated, and also insert the screen, in order to turn on the bike.

Remember that this does not replace but complements a physical bike lock, whether U-type or chain. Also, Bosch gives the possibility of making the locking and unlocking manual or automatic remotely (a few meters) via a button in the home screen of the eBike Flow app.

For fleets of bicycles, in business or for rental, several screens can act as a digital key for the same bicycle. Finally, if you have the paid ebike Alarm function, the bike can ring and send you notifications as well as a geographical position in the event of an attempted theft.

A now customizable screen

The Bosch eBike Flow 1.15 update adds another novelty. The German firm now allows you to customize its display screens on the Kiox 300 and 500. This was the case with Specialized, a function to create a personal hierarchy of information, according to your needs. There is also a screen combining counter and autonomy, which was impossible until then!

Bosch ebike flow customization

Via the application, you can choose up to 13 screens and 30 different information. The update is available since August 9, 2023 on the eBike Flow iOS and Android apps.

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