Your Android smartphone can now notify you if you are being tracked by an AirTag

Fruit of the collaboration between Apple and Google, the Find my device application on Android can now alert in the event of unwanted tracking via an AirTag beacon. However, Google’s device tracking network has been put on hold for the time being.

Last May, we learned that Google intended to draw inspiration from Apple to develop a device location network based on its service. Find my device “. This new network was to be deployed during the summer, but was finally postponed to a later date… because of Apple.

It must be said that Google’s system largely takes over the operation of Apple’s Locate application. It should make it possible to find objects not only with their own location – as is already the case for a smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network currently – but also based on other Android smartphones near the device in question. More so, this is not just a Google initiative, but the future network will actually be developed in collaboration between Apple and Google to enable a common language and ensure the security of this protocol. It is nevertheless because of this partnership between the two American giants that Google has decided to postpone the deployment of these new functions, as the firm indicates in a blog post:

Security and preventing unwanted tracking is a priority for Android. We are working in partnership with Apple to finalize an unwanted tracking alert specification by the end of the year. For the time being, we have decided to postpone the rollout of the Find My Device network until Apple has implemented these protections in iOS.

AirTag tracking alerts are coming to Android

Despite this postponement, however, Google has announced the arrival of a new brick to its Find my device application. Result of the work provided with Apple, the application will now be able to warn you in the event oftrackingaround you. Android smartphone users will now be able to receive an alert, via a notification, when a tracker is following them. A good way to warn people whose geolocation would be tracked using an AirTag placed in their handbag for example.

This alert will also allow you to go a little further, beyond the simple notification. In particular, it will make it possible to ring the AirTag so that it is easier to spot, without its owner being informed. It will also be possible to deactivate the Bluetooth beacon in order to prevent the owner from knowing his position – and therefore yours.

Google initially announces that this feature is compatible with Apple AirTags, but will be extended to other tracking tags. We can imagine a future availability with Samsung SmartTag sensors or Tile tags.

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