You want to replace the battery of your smartphone yourself

The European Parliament has voted in favor of a directive requiring manufacturers of smartphones and laptops to facilitate the replacement of batteries. You are overwhelmingly in favor of a change in the legislation after our survey last week.

This week, the European Parliament took a strong decision in favor of consumers and the environment. The European legislator has indeed adopted a directive requiring manufacturers of smartphones and laptops to make it as easy as possible to replace the battery of their devices.

In addition to this first measure, the decision also sets some rules for the recycling of these batteries, since manufacturers will have to, from 2031, recycle at least 80% of the lithium used in accumulators and 95% of cobalt, copper , lead and nickel.

However, this new European decision, which is binding on manufacturers, is not to everyone’s taste. Some fear, for example, that these rules will constrain manufacturers as to the design of their smartphones, with thicker models. We have also read concerns both about the waterproofness of smartphones and about the problems that these rules could pose in terms of wireless charging by induction.

A salutary measure or too restrictive?

It is in this context that we wanted to collect your opinion. We asked you whether or not you were in favor of these new rules or whether you considered them too restrictive.

Of all the participants, you are a large majority (88%) in favor of the new rules that the European Parliament wishes to put in place. In the comments, Piti argues that “ it’s a painless gesture for everyone and which will still bring a lot. »

However, there are still nearly 10% of voters who find that they would be too restrictive (design, sealing issues). This is particularly the case of Denys: If it’s to go back on removable batteries, obviously not! “For Nicolas.k, “ going back to a removable phone would most likely force manufacturers towards a plastic back, which is not at all ecological “.

Finally, some are not decided, for the simple reason that they do not intend to replace their smartphone battery themselves.

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