You should wait until the start of the school year to take out a fibre/mobile subscription

Ariase has published its monthly barometer concerning the analysis of the prices of mobile and internet packages in France. The data for July show a stabilization of the market while waiting for the start of the school year.

The telecoms expert Ariase has published its barometer for the month of July 2023 concerning the evolution of prices among mobile and fiber operators. The organization notes a certain stability in a market that is waiting for the back-to-school period to move the lines in its tariff schedules. During the last weeks in France, the average monthly cost of an entry-level fiber box is 29.75 euros (+ 17.1% compared to a year ago) and that of a mobile plan of 17. 09 euros this month (+10.9% over one year). Prices that have stabilized over the last few months, although we must highlight an upward trend compared to 2022. Inflation, among other things, strongly affecting the activity of operators.

The telecoms sector also seems to be entering a temporization phase just before the ” back to school in September where operators tend to multiply offers with price reductions as a result. For consumers, it is probably less interesting to change operator immediately to seek more attractive rates.

Bouygues Telecom (B&You) offers the cheapest mobile plans

In July, Bouygues Télécom fared well in terms of mobile plans with an average price of 10.03 euros. It must be said that the operator will have been particularly proactive at the start of the summer periods with packages from its branch low-cost Rather attractive B&You. It is ahead of RED by SFR by a few tens of cents.

Orange is once again in an upward phase with an average price set at 24.91 euros and confirms its more “premium” positioning on the market. Sosh is also affected by the price increase (+43.8%) in particular with the arrival of 5G and the 130 GB package which has doubled the average data offered by the operator (and therefore its prices) compared to in July 2022. The price increase that occurred at the end of 2022 in relation to the rise in energy costs is still relevant.

Important clarification: Ariase does not take into account MVNOs such as Prixtel, NRJ Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile or YouPrice, which generally offer mobile plans that are even cheaper than the formulas low-cost incumbent operators.

The average price of mobile plans has been rising slightly for two months: just under one euro since May, to reach 17.09 euros.

RED retains its place as the cheapest fiber operator, Sosh in ambush

Regarding the internet box market, we have been in the same situation for 3 months: Red retains its first place with an average price of 25.42 euros per month. The operator low-cost of SFR is closely followed by Sosh (25.99 euros monthly) which however has not modified its offers apart from the price increase at the end of 2022. Like last month, it is SFR which increases its prices the most over one year (+36.2%).

The average monthly cost of an entry-level fiber box this month stood at 29.75 euros (+17.1% over one year), i.e. a stable price for the 3rd consecutive month.

NRJ Mobile Limited Series
100 GB

Unlimited calls

100 GB in France

10 GB in Europe

B&You mobile plan
130 GB 5G

Unlimited calls

130 GB in France

25 GB in Europe

Pricetel 4G package
Oxygen 20 to 60 GB

Unlimited calls

20 GB – 60 GB in France

15 GB in Europe

All mobile plans

Fibre, Câble

RED box Fibre

Débit jusqu’à 500 Mb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 100 destinations


Bbox fit Fibre

Débit jusqu’à 400 Mb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 110 destinations

Fiber, Cable
SFR Fiber Netflix

Flow rate up to 1 Gbps

160 TV channels included

Telephony to 1 destinations

All internet boxes

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