Twitter/X znów z bezpłatną weryfikacją

You no longer have to pay for verification on X/Twitter, but there is a condition

Twitter/X returns to free verification on the still popular social media platform. However, there is one condition that must be met to receive the “blue stamp”

It used to be that a verified account was the way to check whether we contact the real profile of a given person or institution or someone tries to impersonate them. He was there too an indicator of a person's authority, because it was not assigned to just anyone. But after Elon Musk's Twitter coup it just became a paid feature mute ads. Now, however, the feature may be free again.

There is nothing for free

For some mysterious reason, Twitter/X decided it would now automatically verified the accounts of everyone who had at least over two and a half thousand followers using X Premium. Except for the blue marker users will also see fewer ads. This award is intended to be a kind of recognition of a given profile as an “influential member of the community,” reports the BBC.

However, this is not the end of the changes. People with over five thousand verified followers received free access to Premium+, which removes almost all ads and ranks their tweets even higher in the algorithm when they reply to another person. As for the previous verification system was based on a paid subscription, it is still available. Now there are simply two ways to get the coveted blue badge.

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