Znasz te baterie? Grozi im zniknięcie ze sklepów

You know these batteries? They are in danger of disappearing from stores

Batteries from the German brand Varta can become more expensive. It is possible that there will be fewer of them on store shelves.

The manufacturer of the popular blue and yellow batteries, the Varta group, fell victim to a cyber attack. The event took place on February 12. The full scale of the damage is not yet known, but the group announces that production has been stopped.

German Varta after a cyber attack

Cybercriminals attacked some of the Varta group’s IT systems. Five production plants were affected. The company informs that production there has been suspended and systems turned off and disconnected from the Internet to prevent the spread of malware. The company’s administration also suffered.

Varta announced the next day that it had started to review the systems. The priority is, of course, data security. The group initiated appropriate procedures and a special task force began to restore the systems to normal functioning. Specialists in the field of cybersecurity and computer forensics will look for the causes, the vector of the attack and the culprits.

The full scale of the damage is still unknown. Varta does not say whether the incident involved a ransomware attack, whether key data was stolen or when it will function normally again. At the same time, we are not sure whether the plants in Germany and Romania or Varta’s branches in Asia were excluded. Consumer batteries, which are sold, among others, in Polish stores, are produced at the plant in Ellwangen, Germany.

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