Takiego chłodzenia nie widziałeś. Ekran większy niż w iPhone 15

You haven’t seen cooling like this. A screen as big as iPhone 15

Is there a method to this madness? Lamptron showed a cooler with a large LCD screen, more expensive than many processors or graphics cards.

The computer components market is full of large and small companies. So there is a lot of competition, a producers are trying their best to attract the attention of consumers. We’ve already gone through the fashion for tempered glass and RGB LED backlighting, and now it’s time for additional LCD screens.

Lamptron ST060 was valued at a staggering PLN 1,295

Another company decided to enrich its processor cooling with a display. This time, however, it is not about a small screen on the AiO set’s block-pump, but a huge solution on a classic CPU cooler.

Lamptron ST060 is a dual-tower CPU cooler with dimensions 152 x 153 x 120 millimeters. We are dealing here with six 6 mm heat pipes and a closed base. The whole is complemented by two 120 mm high-speed fans up to 1500 RPM and declared work culture up to 35.3 dB(A).

You haven't seen cooling like this.  Screen larger than iPhone 15

However, what distinguishes the described equipment from the competition is: integrated screen with a diagonal of 6 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is placed on top of the cooling unit. It can display PC parameters or any other graphics, animations and videos. Connects via USB Type A and HDMI.

You haven't seen cooling like this.  Screen larger than iPhone 15

Newer and older processors with TDP up to 260 W are supported. We are talking about Intel LGA 1700, 2011(-3), 1200, 115x and 1366 sockets and AMD AM5 and AM4.

Lamptron ST060 will be available on the market in three versions – completely black and silver and white with ARGB LED. The suggested price is 299 euros, which is insane PLN 1,295. So it’s hard to talk about any profitability here, even though it is AIDA64 diagnostic software license included.

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