To musisz zobaczyć. Tak ma wyglądać Ziemia za miliony lat

You have to see this. This is what the Earth will look like in millions of years

Several hundred million years ago, the Earth did not look like it does now. In another few hundred million years it will also look different. How? See for yourself.

Many years ago, the Earth did not look the same as it does now. According to scientists, about 200 million years ago there was one supercontinent, which they called Pangea. Tectonic movements caused it to split and eventually form the continents we know today. However, the tectonic plates are still moving, and that means more changes.

Earth in 200 million years

Scientists conducted a computer simulation of what the Earth might look like in 250 million years. They show that our planet is striving to form a single supercontinent again.

I have no doubt that we will see another supercontinent. I have many questions about when this will happen and what it might look like. The verdict in this case is still pending.

– said Damian Nance, professor emeritus of geology at Ohio University.

There are several possible solutions to what the Earth will look like in 250 million years. One hypothesis assumes the creation of a single continent called Aurica, which will form near the Earth's equator. You can see a simulation of its creation in the video below.

Other theories assume the formation of Amasia near the North Pole or Pangea Ultima, in which the continents group together around the Atlantic. The latter scenario predicts the creation of very difficult living conditions, mainly due to enormous volcanic activity. Many species would not be able to survive there.

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