Yes, the Playstation Portal will be able to work outside the home, it’s confirmed

Sony’s “portable console” suffered several communication failures from the manufacturer. First: its use outside the home that hosts the user’s PS5. Sony wanted to reassure users by confirming that it will be possible to use the device anywhere.

Sony this week formalized the launch of its PlayStation Portal, a handheld console that seemed to need to be in the same household as the parent PS5 console in order to function. Its use then seemed to be reserved for “local” nomadic games without monopolizing the living room television. The user then had to make sure to connect to a fast home Wi-Fi network for the best gaming experience.

The PlayStation Portal is getting interesting

But the doubt remained with players and journalists: could the PlayStation Portal be used outside the home? What is the difference with the Remote Play app? We have now had confirmation: we will be able to play on Playstation Portal anywhere, and not just at home.

They are our colleagues from who were able to confirm the information via one of their informed readers: Sony’s FAQ does mention the game outside the home, without needing to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the PS5. The FAQ states:

Although your home Wi-Fi network is a great option for using PlayStation Portal because you have control over the quality of your own home Wi-Fi, it is not required. PlayStation Portal can also be used anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi network with a bandwidth of at least 5 Mbps. For the best gaming experience, a broadband connection of at least 15 Mbps is recommended. If you are using public Wi-Fi, be aware that the quality of the internet connection may be beyond your control and impact the quality of your gaming experience.

The PlayStation Portal suddenly becomes very interesting, even if the device does not offer cloud gaming to our great disappointment, which would have made it very quickly essential for PlayStation users. We can say that Sony’s communication has been strewn with pitfalls since the announcement of the product.

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