Yanosik dla Android Auto

Yanosik for Android Automotive? There is a chance for this

Yanosik is an application loved by Polish drivers. The app is available for Android Auto, but will it also appear on Android Automotive?

A lot is changing in the world of smartphones, but cars are not standing still either. Android Auto has gained great popularity among drivers, i.e. the ability to connect a smartphone to a car and transfer some applications to the car's display.

Yanosik for Android Auto has been available since the second half of 2021, i.e. almost from the beginning of the presence of this system on the Polish market. The priority then was to provide drivers with navigation and warnings about incidents on the route, as well as the ability to easily add their own reports.

Currently, Yanosik for Android Auto also supports Yanosik Traffic notifications and has undergone a number of optimizations. Thanks to cooperation with Google Assistant, you can Yanosika operate by voice, without reaching for the screen. While driving, the application can even inform you about full street names, making it easier to navigate in an unfamiliar city. There are plans to further develop its most important functions and optimize them for the latest versions of Android Auto.

Will there be Yanosik for Android Automotive?

Android Automotive is installed by the manufacturer on the car's computer and serves as an infotainment function. A smartphone is not needed to operate this system and it also has direct access to the car's components. For example, Android Automotive allows you to control music, answer a call, turn on the air conditioning and notify you about an upcoming service.

The creators of Yanosik are aware that presence on embedded car systems is necessary and this is the direction of the future. Popular applications are also available on Android Automotive, but There is no Yanosik for him yet. Will this change?

Małgorzata Dąbrowska from Yanosik did not rule out this possibility, although there are no such plans at the moment. The priority is to expand Yanosik for phones and for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Android Automotive theme is interesting and the company does not close itself to new opportunities.

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