Yanosik i Autoplac z nowością. Przyda się przy zakupie używanego auta

Yanosik and Autoplac with new products. It will be useful when buying a used car

Yanosik and Autoplac introduce a new format of free and expert vehicle reports. These documents are created in cooperation with carQ.

The VIN number is like a PESEL number for every vehicle

The number is assigned and placed on a special rating plate by manufacturers, most often on the windshield or side pillar, on the driver’s side. It can also be found in other places in the vehicle or in the registration certificate, in section E.

Why is this number so important? Because it makes it possible generating a report with the vehicle’s history, which contains a lot of valuable information about the car’s past, changes of owners, its general technical condition, parameters, inspection, registration and insurance dates. Reports, based on VIN number, are based on reliable data from many sources around the world. This is information contained in the database of the central vehicle register, vehicle inspection stations, insurance companies, dealers, lessors, car auctions and mechanical workshops.

It’s worth knowing the history of your vehicle!

Knowing the history of a vehicle is very important for both the owner, seller and buyer. It contains valuable information about the car, which often has a decisive impact on the market value of the vehicle.

At Autoplac.pl, vehicle history reports are very popular. This is the result of growing awareness of the possibility of obtaining valuable information about a vehicle free of charge, solely based on the VIN number. The reports are used by both sellers who want the offer to be transparent and car buyers who want to be 100% sure about the history and condition of the vehicle they are interested in.

– said Julia Langa, Autoplac.pl

Having knowledge about the technical condition, general condition of the car and the history of damages, accidents, repairs and services, can more easily diagnose any faults and detect potential problems in time, which will not only affect safety, but also the car owner’s wallet. Knowledge about the vehicle’s history and awareness of parameters will allow for better planning of inspections, servicing and replacement of consumables, which in turn will allow the owner to maintain a high market value of the car.

The VIN report is a great sales tool. Based on the information contained therein, the vehicle owner can follow service recommendations and prepare the car for sale in the future. Attaching a report with a transparent vehicle history to the ad increases buyer confidence, makes the offer more attractive and speeds up the transaction.

– added Julia Langa

Autoplac carQ banner

Transparency of transactions on the used car market

The value of the platform carQ.pl is to provide verified information about vehicles. The data contained in carQ reports comes from reliable sources, verified in real time. Thanks to this, the car buyer has instant and unlimited access to information ensuring data transparency.

The awareness of Polish car users regarding access to information about vehicle data and history is increasing and growing every year. The technologies we develop open up new possibilities, and intuitive and easy-to-use tools make vehicle verification in 15 seconds the norm on carQ.pl. Checking the car’s history based on the entered registration number is many times easier than entering 17 characters of the VIN number. carQ offers even more. All you need to do is enter the code from your registration certificate in the field of your smartphone’s screen to instantly receive a report about the checked vehicle without entering any data. This is what we do at carQ.

The creators and management team at Yanosik and Autoplac.pl perfectly understand the changing and maturing market, therefore strategic partnership and mutual commitment is the next step in creating a driver-friendly ecosystem at any stage of car operation. Free access to vehicle information is important both for the driver who uses the vehicle and for the customer looking for a car to buy. Data transparency is important, both for the buyer so that he can make informed decisions, but no less important for the seller, who protects himself against the risk of unreliability and accusations of fraud and concealment of information about the vehicles offered.

– said Tomasz Rogalski, carQ.pl

Where can I get a free VIN report?

Yanosik and Autoplac.pl, in cooperation with the carQ website, introduce vehicle history report service, available for free download only in the Yanosik application, in the Garage tab, as well as on the automotive advertising portal Autoplac.pl. For a complete report, this is enough scan the QR code from the registration certificate or enter the data manually in the Yanosik application or use the website Autoplac.pl and enter your vehicle’s registration number in the dedicated box.

Autoplas website

They are available three versions of reports – basic (free) with vehicle history and extended (paid) premium in two variants. In the free report available to Yanosik and Autoplac users, you can find extensive information about the parameters, mileage, number of owners, data from the Treasury Pledge Register and the dates of inspections and validity of the third party liability insurance policy.

Information from the VIN report will also help vehicle owners find answers to questions that have been bothering them recently, e.g. will the car be able to enter the Clean Transport Zone? Both the free and paid versions of the report contain data on EURO standards.

– said Julia Langa, Autoplac.pl

In turn, the paid versions of extended reports contain additional information, which in the first variant is enriched with a schedule of recommended tests and service works, and in the second variant, additionally with a list of damages along with the costs of repairs of the mentioned elements, the date and mileage of the vehicle during the incident, if prepared. .

VIN report or based on registration

The ability to generate a free vehicle history report is becoming more and more popular. No wonder. Reports based on the vehicle’s VIN number are a valuable source of knowledge that can be used in many dimensions. A great convenience for users and an innovative solution is the ability to check the car’s history after entering the registration number. Such a document is a real mine of knowledge that gives car sellers an advantage on the market and allows buyers to verify the information contained in the offer with the actual condition of the vehicle.

The new document format, offered exclusively at Autoplac.pl and Yanosik, will support both retail and professional sellers and help buyers make decisions by offering access to valuable information about vehicles.

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