Yamaha is preparing an extraordinary and unique “electric bike” with two motors

Among Yamaha’s many concepts at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, two electric bikes caught our eye, including a gravel all-terrain bike with two motors and two batteries.

Yamaha’s return to the electric bike in Europe was relatively classic in 2022 with a trio of models, followed by the extravagant Booster halfway with the scooter. The Japanese giant does not intend to stop there, proof with the Tokyo show, where its stand will contain two concepts of electric bikes including an extreme two-wheel drive gravel bike.

An astonishing Yamaha two-wheel drive bike

This is not new: in the muscle bike category, some have already tried complex systems combining a chain and a winding of the arms at the front. On an electric bike, it’s simpler with the use of two motors. We can cite the future (or almost) Vanmoof V, or fatbikes such as Hummer eBike and Duotts ​​F26. Here, it’s a different kind of bike with two drive wheels, because it’s a mix between a gravel bike (race-style position and handlebars) and a mountain bike (frame geometry, suspended fork).

We don’t have any specifications, but this Yamaha Y01-W promises to offer great driving sensations and high performance. It incorporates a central block, probably the PW-XM or the X3, as well as a block in the front hub. However, we do not know their nature, but all this is associated with a chain transmission and a derailleur.

In addition, two batteries occupy the center of the frame, under the diagonal tube, promising high-level autonomy. All of this should logically classify this electric bike as a speedbike, since its nominal power should exceed 250 W and its speed the regulatory 25 km/h.

Yamaha Y-01W AWD engines

For the rest, we see levers betraying a SRAM Force eTap AXS group (brakes and transmission), a KYB suspended front fork, a telescopic saddle as well as Teravail tires. Yamaha also integrates a small front platform and a rear luggage rack fixed – or welded? – on the stays.

A concept of e-MTB with electronic steering

Another electric bike is likely to attract the attention of cyclists. The Yamaha stand will also exhibit a full-suspension e-MTB concept bike (on KYB suspensions), the Y-00Z MTB. The Japanese manufacturer considers it “a technical demonstrator of what is possible with electric mountain bike technologies. »

Yamaha Y-00Z MTB concept

Here too, there is little information to get your hands on, but this Yamaha Y-00Z MTB has electronic steering with a torque sensor. This system would allow “excellent maneuverability and stability when driving off-road. » Originality, the motor seems mounted above the crankset, the battery being housed with finesse in the frame.

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