Xiaomi SU7 schodzi jak ciepłe bułki. Czas oczekiwania coraz dłuższy

Xiaomi SU7 goes down like hot cakes. The waiting time is getting longer

Xiaomi SU7 is already a great success. The Chinese may have reasons to be satisfied, and buyers must be patient.

A few days ago, orders for the new Xiaomi SU7 electric car started in China. Almost 89,000 have already been sold in the first 24 hours. copies of this electrician. What is a source of satisfaction for a Chinese brand may be a source of worry for customers. The waiting time for a car is getting longer.

Waiting time for Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi presented a total of three models of the SU7 electric car. These already differ in waiting time. The basic model costs less than PLN 30,000. dollars will be delivered within 18-21 weeks. It is identical in the case of the Pro version.

The worst situation occurs when someone wants to buy the most expensive and best Max model, valued at approximately PLN 41.5 thousand. dollars. At this point you have to wait 27-30 weeks for it. This is at least 6 months of waiting for the ordered car.

Xiaomi SU7 goes down like hot cakes.  The waiting time is getting longer

It is also worth mentioning that Xiaomi offered special versions of cars, known as Founder's Edition. There were only 5 thousand of them. copies and sold almost immediately.

Xiaomi has already stirred up the electric market. Many companies are preparing promotions for their models to encourage customers to buy and respond to the SU7 offer. For now, this applies primarily to China, but the situation may be similar when the Xiaomi electric car comes to the USA or Europe. Much, of course, depends on the first independent tests and prices outside the Middle Kingdom, but it seems that SU7 has everything to be a huge hit.

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