Xiaomi launches a connected mini-oven at a mini price

Xiaomi is still discreet in the world of connected cooking, but each of the products it launches makes as much noise as it hits the mark. The manufacturer is now tackling a still virgin market, that of connected mini-ovens with a Mijia 40L positioned at less than 65 euros!

The connected kitchen is a market that is still looking for itself and which remains monopolized by the giants of the sector. Thus, Moulinex, Seb, Philips and others have not allowed themselves to be overwhelmed by new entrants with more high-tech DNA than these industrial behemoths. While Xiaomi already offers a food processor and a fryer, both connected, the manufacturer has decided to expand its offer with the Xiaomi Mijia 40L. Determined to find its place in the sun, the manufacturer is attacking the competition on two fronts, format and price.

A real connected oven for small kitchens and micro budgets?

Currently, there is no shortage of connected ovens, from Samsung to Haier to Whirlpool, each has built-in models in most cases. However, these require a certain amount of space and are not suitable for all configurations, unlike the mini-oven format already popular with those who live in a studio or have a very small kitchen.

With its Mijia 40L, Xiaomi is launching its first connected mini-oven, after a connected steam mini-oven (Mijia 30L).. Via the Mijia application. IT House, you will have access to many step-by-step recipes. In addition, the cooking times will be automatically set and you will be alerted when you need to intervene during the recipe. A configuration close to what the manufacturer already offers with its food processor or fryer. Which should make life easier for singles or families who aren’t very good at cooking or are short on time.

Above all, it remains a real mini-oven with a capacity of 40 L (4325 x 453 x 403 mm) and equipped with a porcelain interior, as well as a scratch-resistant hob. In addition to classic cooking, you will also be entitled to BBQ, Dried Fruit, Fermentation and Professional modes.

Where Xiaomi is very strong is on the price which is displayed at 449 yuan, or around 64 euros! A floor price, equivalent to those of a classic entry-level mini-oven, which is currently reserved for the Chinese market only. This was already the case for its connected steam mini-oven which is marketed at around 249 euros in China.

An aggressive strategy that is still too discreet in Europe where Xiaomi only really distributes its connected fryer. However, if the connectivity aspect seems well thought out, voice assistants included, Xiaomi should strengthen its content offer, 40 recipes is not much…

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