Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi has some imagination. He wants to make another Passat

Xiaomi presented HyperOS, but that’s not all. Android update is just one element of a larger concept of connecting people with their home and car.

Xiaomi presented the concept of the Man x Car x Home ecosystem at MWC 2024. All connected devices are designed to meet the user’s needs and work together intelligently.

Xiaomi presents the SU7 car

For the concept to be feasible, Xiaomi must offer a smart car. And he will have it. During the fair, we could see the Xiaomi SU7 electric car, visible above. The car will be integrated with home appliances and personal devices. Daniel Desjarlais, director of communications for Xiaomi International, said that Xiaomi aims to do so to create connectivity beyond anything currently available.

Various technological partners were invited to develop individual elements of this system, so that every user of Xiaomi equipment can conveniently use the connected world on their own terms. This is possible thanks to the Xiaomi HyperOS system with an open architecture, allowing seamless connection of various devices in a safe environment. The system integrates over 200 product categories and 600 million devices around the world. Xiaomi assures that the system will be up to the task in over 95% of use scenarios – at least this is according to research conducted by the company.

The interior of Xiaomi SU7

What will be Xiaomi’s first electric car? The company assures that it is a comfortable, ecological and roomy sedan. The car must be as efficient and intelligent as possible. Xiaomi has developed five basic elements for it: an electric motor, an integrated CTB battery, its own die-casting system, the Xiaomi Pilot autonomous driving system and a smart interior.

Xiaomi SU7, engine variants

The automatic driving system is supposed to change the operation of sensors depending on the scenario. The grid for detecting environmental elements can operate with a resolution of 5 to 20 cm and a range of 5 cm to 250 meters. This will allow you to adapt to both parking and driving across the country on the highway. At the same time, obstacles will not be recognized as “cubes” as in the case of other manufacturers. Xiaomi has developed the ability to more precisely map irregularly shaped objects with an accuracy of up to 10 cm. In addition, a road mapping model has been introduced, which will learn the driver’s habits and, over time, will cope with even the most complex intersections. The “interference” reduction system is intended to remove rain and snow from the signal collected by the sensors.

A proprietary artificial intelligence model will be responsible for parking. The AI ​​is supposed to adapt to changes in the environment and cope even in parking lots with an elevator. The whole thing runs on two NVIDIA Orin chips with a total computing power of 508 TOPS. The sensor list includes LiDAR, eleven cameras, twelve hypersonic radars and three millimeter-wave radars.

An interesting fact is the soundproofing of the car. Xiaomi assures that the floor plate, produced using a proprietary process, will be “quieter” than competitive solutions. The cabin is equipped with a 16.3-inch screen that serves as a center console, a 56-inch HUD display and a 7.1-inch movable dashboard. For passengers, you can mount two tablets on built-in holders and, of course, connect them to the car, and it is also possible to work with the driver’s smartphone in various scenarios. The control system is based on the Snapdragon 8295 chip with AI computing power of up to 30 TOPS, which is enough to support up to 5 screens. The system is ready for operation in 1.49 seconds after opening the car door.

Xiaomi announces that it will fight in the car market and within 15-20 years it will become one of the leaders. However, this is a song of the future. For now, it is not known when and for how much you will be able to buy Xiaomi SU7. He definitely won’t come to Europe right away.

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