Xiaomi podało ceny swojego samochodu. To już jest hit

Xiaomi announced the prices of its car. This is already a hit

Xiaomi SU7 may be a real hit. The Chinese brand revealed how much we will pay for its first electric car.

A few weeks ago, Xiaomi presented its first-ever electric car. The SU7 model is intended to compete with, among others, Tesla. Lei Jun, president of Xiaomi, claims that their car beats the Tesla Model 3 by as much as 90%. parameters. One of the most important is the price.

Xiaomi SU7 price

The head of Xiaomi revealed that the SU7 model will be sold at prices starting from 215,900 yuan, or about PLN 30,000. dollars. For comparison, Tesla Model 3 costs PLN 34,000. dollars, so a little more expensive. Interestingly, the Chinese decided on a very aggressive tactic, because at such a price the car is expected to bring losses. In addition, Xiaomi SU7 is expected to have a range of approximately 700 km, which is higher than Model 3 by almost 100 km.

Xiaomi SU7 is already a big hit. The Chinese brand revealed that over PLN 50,000 was placed on the car in the first 27 minutes. orders. This only shows how serious a competitor Tesla is growing, although much will still depend on the first tests and the opinions of the users themselves. Deliveries are scheduled to begin next month.

Xiaomi wants to invest as much as USD 10 billion in the electric car market in the coming years. Within 15-20 years, the Chinese brand wants to be one of the five largest sellers of electrics in the world.

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