Xbox z dużymi problemami. Wyniki są fatalne

Xbox with big problems. The results are disastrous

Xbox isn't doing very well. Not only are sales poor, but consoles also lack exclusive games. Even developers are starting to move away from Microsoft.

Microsoft is trying to put a good face on a bad game, but more and more people are starting to notice that the Xbox brand is systematically weakening. The company from Redmond is trying to save the situation, but even stores and developers no longer believe in the Americans' assurances.

What's next for Xbox?

Interesting information on this subject was provided by Christopher Dring, who is a journalist at and has good contacts in the industry. He learned from two developers (one large and well-known and the other an indie) that Xbox is doing worse and worse in Europe. Console sales are terrible. Last year was already poor in this respect, but this year is expected to be even worse. Some stores even stopped ordering further batches of devices.

Some developers are even starting to wonder why they support Microsoft's console at all, since they don't get much out of it anyway. There is also concern about the information that most exclusive titles, and there are not many of them anyway, will eventually be released on competitive devices, including PlayStation 5. This means less focus on the Xbox Game Pass service, which has been the driving force for a long time. driving force for the brand.

Part of the problem is also the purchase of Activision Blizzard. On the one hand, such a huge company could provide a lot of exclusive games for Xbox. On the other hand, the lack of Call of Duty and other high-profile productions on PlayStation could be a shot in the foot.

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