Xbox Series S | X: Western Digital has a solution to your storage problems

Western Digital is launching a new officially licensed expansion card this week to add external storage to an Xbox Series S or X.

If you play on Xbox, you will have noticed that their internal storage is quickly saturated, especially after installing a few latest generation games, which consume a lot of space. Several solutions are offered by Microsoft, which has also launched a new 1 TB version of its Xbox Series S (often criticized for its 512 GB SSD only on the classic model), and the most practical is certainly to opt for a external expansion card.

Until now, Seagate was the main supplier, but we learn this week that Western Digital is also entering the arena with its new card. WD_BLACK C50, currently available in 512 GB and 1 TB versions.

Two expensive cards… but less than the competition

Western Digital is taking the opportunity to position its C50 at a (slightly) more affordable price than the alternatives offered by the competition. Count on the tidy sum of 139.99 euros for the 512 GB version, while the 1 TB version is announced at a recommended price of 189.99 euros.

As a reminder, Seagate has until now offered its 512 GB cards at 159.99 euros at the recommended price, and its 1 TB models at nearly 220 euros. A 2 TB model also exists, still at Seagate, but this time the price soars to more than 400 euros, especially on Amazon. Western Digital therefore remains relatively reasonable, even if one aspires to greater price reductions in the future.

Be that as it may, the brand explains in its press release that its WD_BLACK C50 uses the Xbox Velocity architecture to offer the best possible performance on Series S and X. It fits, moreover, unsurprisingly, into the rear slot of the two Xboxes, provided for this purpose, and does not require any other manipulation. to be functional.

Note, however, that this new card is currently marketed mainly on the official website of Western Digital.

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