Xbox Series S and Game Pass Ultimate are at rock bottom prices with this new fiber offer

Bouygues Telecom has just launched an offer that has everything to appeal to gamers. The Xbox Series S, or X, with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription starts at 1 euro with an ultra-fast fiber subscription.

With the days getting shorter and the release of highly anticipated games, we are entering the ideal season to spend long hours in front of your console. As such, Bouygues Telecom offers an ideal new offer.

The internet service provider allows you to acquire an Xbox Series S or X with 3 months of subscription to Game Pass Ultimate for just one symbolic euro. To benefit from it, all you have to do is subscribe to a 1 Gb/s fiber subscription priced at 41.99 euros per month with a two-year commitment. Enough to save you up to 350 euros.

Fiber and gaming go well together

Every self-respecting gamer needs a stable and fast internet connection, especially during competitive gaming sessions. Opting for a fiber box is therefore the most relevant choice.

Fiber offers much faster download and upload speeds than an ADSL connection. With a download speed of between 1 to 2 GB/s depending on the box chosen, Bouygues Telecom allows the rapid downloading of large games. It only takes a few minutes to download the Starfield game and its 140 GB. Better still, a fiber connection is less subject to interference and disruption. The connection therefore remains stable during gaming sessions. Latencies are minimal to non-existent, even during peak hours. A real asset for competitive gaming.

A Bbox offer for all your needs

With two Bbox fiber offers, Bouygues Telecom intends to meet the needs of all profiles, including the most demanding. The operator offers two types of fiber subscriptions. First we find the Bbox Must Gaming, which includes:

  • a 24-month commitment and a monthly rate of 41.99 euros;
  • theoretical maximum speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s download and 700 Mbit/s upload;
  • Wi-Fi 6;
  • more than 180 TV channels available;
  • three free months of Game Pass Ultimate;
  • Universal+ and Amazon Prime free for six months.

The second offer, Bbox Ultym Gaming, offers:

  • a subscription at 50.99 euros per month with a 24-month commitment;
  • up to 2 Gbit/s downstream and 900 Mbit/s upstream;
  • Wi-Fi 6E;
  • more than 180 TV channels available;
  • three free months of Game Pass Ultimate;
  • Universal+, Disney+ and Amazon Prime free for six months.

With each internet subscription, the operator allows you to choose between an Xbox Series S or usually 549 euros).

What does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer?

Bouygues Telecom’s two fiber offers also include three months’ free access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The most comprehensive subscription option in Game Pass, it offers access to a library of more than 100 games, including new releases from Xbox Game Studios as soon as they are released.

Game Pass Ultimate also includes the EA Play subscription, allowing users to enjoy EA games and exclusive rewards. The multi-platform service is available on console, PC and via the cloud, allowing you to play from anywhere on almost any medium.

Additional benefits are granted to Game Pass subscribers, including exclusive deals and discounts on select games and their expansions. Online multiplayer mode on console is also included in the subscription. Among the latest titles to arrive on the platform, we include Starfield, Payday 3 and Lies of P. Enough to spend hundreds of hours enjoying your new Xbox Series S or X.

How to take advantage of the Xbox offer with a Bouygues Telecom Bbox?

To benefit from the Bbox Gaming offer from Bouygues Telecom, several steps are necessary, but the procedure remains extremely simple.

To start, you need to subscribe to a Bbox offer (Must or Ultym depending on your needs) via the Bouygues Telecom website. Once you have subscribed, the operator will contact you to make an appointment with a technician to install your line. It may take a few days, but to prevent you from finding yourself without a connection to your home, Bouygues Telecom provides a 4G box with 200 GB of data.

After installation and activation of the line, a promotional code will be sent by email. This code is necessary for ordering the Xbox and can be used on a website dedicated to this offer. Please note, this code is for single use only.

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