x-kom promocje na hardware

x-kom does not slow down. More great deals are coming

The x-kom store started today with an Easter promotion, under which you can buy many products at reduced prices. The list also includes offers for graphics cards, drives, power supplies and cooling. I selected some of the most interesting ones.

As part of the Easter sale, the x-kom store has discounted many products. A particularly interesting promotion is that you can buy some products for PLN 1, which we have already written about HERE. This time we decided to take a look at promotions in the hardware category.

Hardware promotions in x-kom

The x-kom offer currently includes a lot of computer equipment. These include graphics cards, SSD drives, power supplies, and CPU coolers. From this entire list, in our opinion, the following promotions are the most interesting:

If you notice anything else that is worth adding to the above list, let us know in the comments and we will try to complete the list if possible.

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