Wrocław ma nową metodę płatności za bilety komunikacji miejskiej

Wrocław has a new payment method for public transport tickets

On Valentine’s Day, a new option for paying for tickets became available in public transport in Wrocław. This is a Visa Mobile solution that can be used when making a purchase via the Passenger Portal or the URBANCARD application.

VisaMobile is a Visa card payment method for e-commerce transactions carried out in online stores or mobile applications. To pay for the products, during checkout, the user selects the Visa Mobile option, enters the phone number and confirms the purchase on the mobile device. The full list of banks whose clients can use the solution can be found here on the website www.visa.pl.

From February 14, 2024, passengers public transport in Wrocław can use this option by implementing purchasing tickets via the Passenger Portal (www.urbancard.pl) or in the URBANCARD mobile application.

How to use Visa Mobile payments?

In order to use the new payment method, you must download and install it on your phone free Visa Mobile application, available in application stores, and register. The key steps are adding your Visa payment card to Visa Mobile (or several cards), verification of data and providing your phone number, which will later be used by the user when paying. In the end, you just need to determine personal PIN code, necessary to approve transactions. You have to go through this process only once. You can also use Visa Mobile through the application of the bank that issued the cardif it has made this service available to its customers with a Visa card.

How to pay for tickets in Wrocław using Visa Mobile?

As promised Mint of Polandthe operator of the MPK Wrocław ticket sales system, the payment process is simple and quick – it may consist of: with three steps. When finalizing the purchase of public transport tickets in Wrocław, in the Passenger Portal or the URBANCARD mobile application, we choose Visa Mobile as the payment method. In the next step, we enter the phone number and then confirm the transaction with the previously established PIN number. This process may look slightly different when a customer uses the bank’s application to accept Visa Mobile transactions.

Why pay with Visa Mobile?

Visa Mobile is behind it tokenization, a process in which card data is turned into a complex cipher. Each token created in this way is unique and impossible to read and use by fraudsters. Due to the fact that you do not have to enter your card number every time in the payment process made using the Visa Mobile method in the online store, the transaction can be completed faster and at the same time is as well secured as other Visa transactions.

It is worth remembering that using a Visa card, including using a smartphone to pay online, is covered by additional protection, i.e. the so-called chargeback procedure. You can use this mechanism in case of problems with the purchase, for example when the wrong ticket was sold in the URBANCARD system or the buyer is simply not satisfied with the result of the complaint. The first step is trying to solve the problem by contacting the seller. If it cannot be resolved amicably, the bank that issued the Visa card may take action an attempt to recover funds from the seller’s bank.

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