With watchOS 10, Apple makes its connected watches more intelligent and sporty

Apple is taking advantage of its inaugural WWDC 2023 conference to lift the veil on watchOS 10, the operating system for Apple Watch connected watches.

WWDC 2023 was an opportunity for Apple to unveil some of the new features of watchOS 10. The operating system dedicated to Apple Watch is evolving in depth, with the emphasis on new practical features for everyday life, but also for sportsmen.

A new way to use the Apple Watch

The biggest novelty lies in the practical features. Core Apple apps have all been redesigned. But that’s not all: Apple has thought of a new way to navigate between applications, and display the most useful information.

THE machine learning makes its appearance (already present on the iPhone since 2020), to display the information the user needs most, at the right time. Thus, the information displayed on the screen of the Apple Watch will vary throughout the day, depending on the habits of the owner of the watch. The name of this feature: Smart Stack.

Of course, new dials are appearing, with in particular the arrival of Snoopy on the Apple Watch as well as the Palette dial which gives pride of place to colors. The app redesign also enables support for new features, such as group calls over FaceTime audio.

Athletes are not forgotten

For athletes, many new features are emerging. We can cite a brand new app for cyclistswhich can measure both speed and cadence, but also power, thanks to the support of Bluetooth sensors.

The iPhone can also be used as a screen for cyclists, to display information about the current race (average speed, elevation, distance covered, heart rate, etc.). The Apple Watch is then able to estimate the famous FTP index (a kind of stress test) of the cyclist, to assess his level.

Hikers have not been forgotten either, with the redesign of the compass dial. It now displays the topography in 3D, and becomes intelligent. It shows the last known location with cellular service and the last known location where it is possible to make a satellite call. Simple features, but very useful in the high mountains.

Golfers will be happy to learn that watchOS is now accurate enough to measure the movement of a swing. Which should improve it.

Finally, mental health has not been forgotten, with a brand new application that should allow you to take care of yourself.

watchOS 10 will be available later this year, and compatible with all Apple Watches from Apple Watch Series 4.

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