with this mobile plan, you won’t miss the data

Back to school is a good time to change your plan and NRJ Mobile proves it with this generous 100 GB mobile plan for less than 10 euros per month. All without commitment.

After a start to the year marked by inflation, the prices of mobile plans are finally falling. Proof of this is with this new 100 GB plan from NRJ Mobile offered at 9.99 euros per month. With no commitment and no price increase after a year, it’s a safe bet for the start of the school year.

What does this 100 GB package at 9.99 euros per month from NRJ Mobile offer?

This generous mobile plan goes to the essentials. For 9.99 euros per month, you will be entitled to:

  • 100 GB of data in 4G on the Bouygues Telecom network;
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to France, the French Overseas Territories and the EU;
  • 10 GB of roaming data in the European Union and the French Overseas Territories;
  • a new SIM card for 1 euroinstead of 10 euros usually;
  • the possibility of canceling your subscription at any time, as it is a no-obligation package!

With a 100 GB envelope, NRJ Mobile’s no-obligation mobile plan guarantees you never run out of data. The CssTricks editorial staff recently conducted a survey of the site’s readers: on average, data consumption is between 20 and 50 GB per month, which is a far cry from the 100 GB offered by the MVNO operator.

With such a generous envelope, you will be able to watch your favorite content on YouTube, Twitch or Netflix for hours. You also no longer need to wait to connect to a Wi-Fi network to update all your applications. With 100 GB included, you will have plenty to do.

And since it’s a no-commitment plan, you can cancel it at any time without having to pay a cent. Better, unlike certain packages with commitment, the price does not increase after a year. Your 100 GB of data is and will remain at 9.99 euros.

A package that relies on the Bouygues Telecom network

The other major advantage of this NRJ Mobile package is that it uses the Bouygues Telecom network, a company to which NRJ Mobile belongs.

In 2023, Bouygues Telecom’s 4G network covers 99% of the French population and 95% of the French territory. Add to that average download speeds of 55 Mbit/s and 13 Mbit/s upload and you get a solid connection.

How to change your mobile plan without losing your phone number

Number portability at NRJ Mobile is very easy. All you have to do is obtain your RIO number by calling (free) 3179 and provide it to NRJ Mobile when registering.

Last advantage of this package: the SIM card currently costs only 1 euro at NRJ Mobile. A nice reduction when we know that it is generally charged 10 euros with other operators. It seems like nothing, that’s almost a month’s subscription saved.

The NRJ Mobile 100 GB subscription at 9.99 euros per month is available on the operator’s website. Be careful though, this offer is for a limited time and should only last a few more days.

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