With this future electric car, Volvo is venturing into (totally) unknown territory

A few weeks before its reveal, the new Volvo EM90 is showing itself in its final form. The opportunity to discover the design of this electric van, which should above all be intended for the Chinese market, but which could one day arrive here. This is Volvo’s first minivan.

For several years, Volvo has been one of the brands that believes most in electrification. After offering numerous hybrid models, the Swedish firm has launched into 100% electric with its C40 and XC40 Recharge. But the manufacturer obviously does not intend to stop there.

A new model coming

And for good reason, he announced in a press release that he planned tostop selling thermal cars from 2030 around the world. For this, several models have been announced, including the EX90 as well as the EX30, which should soon reach dealerships. But that’s not all, because the Scandinavian brand is also working on a completely different vehicle.

The latter will be called EM90 and was announced for the very first time last August. Until now, the design had not been revealed, while only a few teaser photos had been published by the manufacturer. But now the Chinese site It Home managed to obtain new visuals, showing this newcomer in its final form.

And the least we can say is that this large electric minivan is impressive. Indeed, the latter sports a very straight front, which incorporates certain elements dear to the brand, like the light signature. Of course, the grille is full and a large air intake takes place at the level of the shield, as well as two others on either side to bring more dynamism to the whole.

In profile, the electric van displays a very massive silhouette, while the Cx (drag coefficient) should be high. Its length should be identical to that of the Zeekr 009 with which it shares its technical base. This is 5.21 meters by 2.02 meters wide and 1.86 meters high. A beautiful baby therefore, who also displays a generous wheelbase of 3.20 metersto accommodate up to six people in total.

A known technical sheet

For the moment, the driving position of this newcomer has not yet been revealed, but we will probably not have to wait very long to find out more. Indeed, its reveal is scheduled for November 12 next in China, a market mainly targeted by this new arrival in the range. Without much surprise, the EM90 will share its technical sheet with the Zeekr 009.

It Home already provides some information on the large Sino-Swedish van, which will be available in two versions, with two and four-wheel drive. The first will display a power of 200 kW, the equivalent of 271 horsepower, while the second will peak at 400 kW, which equates to around 543 horsepower. It now remains to be seen which battery the EM90 will use.

According to the source, the Swedish electric van will embark a 116 kWh pack, which would give it a range of 702 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. Which is equivalent to around 596 kilometers with the much stricter WLTP approval. This is actually the same spec sheet as the Zeekr 009, while CATL’s 140 kWh Qilin CTP 3.0 battery could also be on the agenda.

It now remains to be seen whether this Volvo EM90 will arrive in Europe, which cannot be ruled out while Denza will market its D9 therewhich we discovered at the Munich show.

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