With this collar, mother Michel no longer loses her cat and even monitors her health

While dogs already have many connected objects at their disposal, our feline friends are much less spoiled. The arrival of the Kippy Cat, a GPS tracker that also monitors the activity of your mustachioed companion, is likely to capture the interest of all geeky cats and their owners.

Our cat friends are certainly the most independent pets, and even more so when they have access to the outdoors. The opportunity for them to express their instincts freely and an eternal source of concern for owners. In order to help us find our felines on the loose or lost for too long, GPS trackers have appeared. The new Kippy Cat is intended to be the equivalent of the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar dedicated to dogs, a GPS tracker that goes further by monitoring your pet’s physical activity and health.

Kippy Cat, a feline Apple Watch?

Cats and collars aren’t always best friends. This is why the sensor has been designed to disturb our domestic felines as little as possible. Thus, the designers opted for an oblong shape so as not to bother them too much at the level of the neck. The collar is made of soft rubber and, with the sensor, the total weight does not exceed 67.8 g (23.8 g for the sensor alone).

IP67 certified, the sensor is dust resistant and waterproof, which should allow it to withstand all the wanderings of your cat. To ensure its safety, the collar is equipped with an automatic anti-strangulation opening system, which is activated with a force of 4 kg.

By using GPS, you can therefore locate your cat quite easily via the smartphone application. Your pet just needs to be in an area covered by a 2G or 4G mobile network. The announced autonomy is four days for a follow-up every two hours for cats that walk around a lot. It is eight days to follow a cat that always stays near your home and 12 days for the most homelike felines. When you are really worried, you can then activate the tracking every three seconds.

Last subtlety, the presence of a flashlight in the sensor to help you better locate it at night and if you are looking for it during the day, the Kippy Cat can emit an audible signal

Along with the GPS, the Kippy Cat incorporates sensors that monitor all of your cat’s activity. Thus, active movements, walking, grooming, sleeping, feeding, jumping and calories expended are analyzed by the Kippy Cat application. Rather than showering you with numbers, the application gives you a health index and alerts you when it spots suspicious behavior and even gives you the probable origins.

The Kippy Cat is now available at a price of 69.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website and partner resellers.

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