With this 5G mobile plan, browse at full speed without breaking the bank

Combining a generous data envelope and an affordable price is still possible and Bouygues Telecom proves it with this special 130 GB serial offer at 15.99 euros per month, without commitment.

Not enough mobile data available in France or abroad, prohibitive monthly rate, lack of 5G… There are many obstacles in the quest for your ideal mobile plan. Bouygues Telecom may have a solution to this problem with its special series package. The promise ? 130 GB of data in 5G for 15.99 euros per month, without commitment.

What does the B&You package at 15.99 euros per month contain?

For 15.99 euros per month, Bouygues Telecom offers a particularly versatile mobile plan, offered at the right price. Without obligation, it includes:

  • 130 GB of data in 5G;
  • 30 GB for use in Europe and the French Overseas Territories;
  • unlimited calls, SMS/MMS in mainland France.

Another advantage of B&You packages without commitment: the simplicity of managing its offer. Via a dedicated customer area available on your smartphone or browser, all operations can be managed in one click (or two if you are awake). Enough to consult your invoices or monthly data consumption in the blink of an eye.

A package that can be adapted as you wish

Bouygues Telecom’s B&You package at 15.99 euros per month also offers additional options to personalize its offer according to your specific needs.

For three euros per month, it is for example possible to add a subscription to Cafeyn, the platform allowing access to almost all the press. An interesting option for big readers of the national press.

Those who want to secure their smartphone can subscribe to Norton 360 for 5 euros per month. The antivirus offers comprehensive protection against online threats, including malware and phishing attempts. The option allows, for example, to protect online transactions or sensitive data stored on your terminal.

All of these options are of course flexible and can be added or removed at any time via the online customer area or the Bouygues Telecom mobile application.

How to subscribe to this offer?

To subscribe to the B&You special series package at 15.99 euros per month from Bouygues Telecom, nothing could be simpler since everything is done from the operator’s website. After selecting your package, all you have to do is fill out the usual forms (address, bank details, etc.). A payment of 1 euro is required for the SIM card, which will then be shipped within three to five working days.

If you wish to keep your current telephone number, you must provide the RIO number (Operator Identity Statement). This number can be obtained by calling 3179, an automated and free service. Once the RIO number is provided, Bouygues Telecom will take care of number portability, thus eliminating the need to terminate the old contract.

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