With these new rules, getting paid by YouTube becomes easier… for some

Google announced on June 13 a major revision of its monetization rules. These new terms should allow “small” YouTubers to generate income on the platform more quickly.

In a blog note shared on June 13, YouTube announces a major revision of the rules governing access to the monetization of videos broadcast on its platform. Much less strict, these new conditions will come into force this year as part of its YouTube Partner Program and will concern both videos and Shorts (those small vertical clips inspired by TikTok videos).

However, we learn that only a handful of countries will be affected initially: Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Taiwan and South Korea. YouTube nevertheless claims to have plans to extend these new rules to all countries eligible for its partner program. over time “.

YouTube wants to help monetize “small” YouTubers

Anyway, here are the new requirements to access video monetization on YouTube:

  • Have at least 500 subscribers
  • Proceed to 3uploadsvalid for periods of 90 days
  • Have had at least 3,000 hours of content viewed in the past year

For shorts, the rules are different. YouTube requires this time at least 3 million public views validated in 90 days to access monetization. In the same post, YouTube also specifies opening its purchase tool with affiliation to all American creators with more than 20,000 subscribers.

As 9to5Google points out, the platform was stricter until now… and still is in a majority of countries, including France, where you must always have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of content viewed. at least (or 10 million views on the Shorts) to take advantage of monetization.

Through these new provisions, Google’s VoD service therefore seems to want to make it easier for “small» YouTubers, by allowing them to access a start of income much earlier in their journey. A strategy that could pay off to boost the creation of content on the platform.

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