With Next Mobiles, enjoy the iPhone 15 without paying the high price

Don’t buy the next iPhone 15: rent it! With the rental of Next Mobiles, it is possible to benefit from an ultra high-end Apple smartphone without emptying your bank account.

In mid-September, Apple presented its new range of smartphones: the iPhone 15. And if prices are down slightly compared to the previous generation, you still have to pay at least 969 euros to take advantage of these promising phones.

This is where Next Mobiles comes in. The company specializing in rental now offers the new iPhone 15s in its catalog. Thus, from 44.99 euros/month, which is more reasonable than the base price of the device, the user can enjoy Apple’s latest flagship. And this without commitment.

The good deal doesn’t stop there, since Next Mobiles even allows you to change your phone after one year, for its successor with the same monthly payment. For example, tenants of an iPhone 14 Pro Max for one year can upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, without the amount of their subscription changing. The assurance of enjoying the best phones without breaking the bank.

The iPhone 15, already an Apple must-have

With a design and a form factor similar to those of the iPhone 14, it is not forbidden to think that the iPhone 15 is only a simple copy of its predecessor. However, this new generation includes a small change that completely changes the situation: USB Type-C.

Thus, after years of service (and a European constraint), the Lightning port gives way to the USB Type-C model. The iPhone 15 and its brothers are therefore no longer stuck by a proprietary standard and can benefit from the same charger as the other devices. A single cable is now enough to charge your MacBook, iPad and iPhone. This also means that it is now possible to charge the new AirPods Pro case directly from the iPhone 15, using a simple USB-C to USB-C cable.

An iPhone 15 will be able to recharge the AirPods Pro 2 case

Of course, this is not the only new feature that comes with the iPhone 15. Like the iPhone 14 Pro before, Apple’s new flagship now features the Dynamic Island. This pill-shaped notch, located at the top of the screen, not only houses the sensors for Face ID as well as the selfie camera, but can also display a myriad of notifications, information and content. It’s like having a second miniature screen, integrated into the main display.

In the metamorphoses department, we find a 6.1-inch screen which now benefits from the Super Retina XDR display, with high brightness (2,000 nits). Suffice to say that the image offered by the iPhone 15 is simply superb. The photo module also improves, with the arrival of a 48 megapixel sensor for the wide angle. The promise of more precise and detailed shots.

Under the hood, an A16 Bionic chip is responsible for giving all its power to the “classic” version of the iPhone. Suffice to say that the iPhone 15 will be capable of offering excellent performance for many years. Even more so with Apple’s regular follow-up in terms of updates.

Last advantage and not the least: its price. Indeed, at Next Mobiles, the iPhone 15 is available for rental for €44.99/month (with an initial deposit of 99 euros). A price which even after a year remains lower than the launch price of the phone.

What does Next Mobiles rental bring?

In addition to a lower price, Next Mobiles rental brings many advantages. Starting with the fact that its subscriptions are without obligation. The user is therefore free to manage the duration of their subscription as they wish.

What’s more, the offer includes automatic subscription to insurance against theft and breakage at no additional cost. This guarantees:

  • systematic and immediate support in the event of a disaster;
  • replacing the smartphone with the same model in just 48 hours.

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