With its new universal and home charging station, Tesla will kill the competition in the USA

Tesla’s charging station, the Wall Connector, is available in a new version in the United States, made especially for owners of electric vehicles from another brand. Let’s see what changes compared to the old version, and why it is an American specificity.

It’s not well known enough for us to comment, but in France and elsewhere in Europe, the Tesla Wall Connector is a charging station that can be used by all brands of electric vehicles.

Indeed, equipped with a Type 2 socket with a cable attached to the terminal, the Wall Connector is a good solution for charging your electric car at 7 kW or 11 kW at home. However, in the USA, until now, it was a little more complicated for non-Tesla.

The Tesla Wall Connector now charges all cars in the USA

Priced at $595, the new version of Tesla’s charging station is simply called Universal Wall Connector for a good reason: it is now made to charge all American electric cars, whether they are equipped with a port of NACS or CCS recharge.

The NACS, which is the connector present on the Tesla, is gradually becoming the American standard, and will replace the CCS on many models to come from next year. However, at the moment, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, Kia and other Rivian vehicles are equipped with a CCS port, and to recharge them at home it is not possible to use a cable with a NACS tip.

Adapters exist to allow drivers to manage, but the solution that Tesla has just proposed is more elegant. We already knew the Magic Dock which is in operation on certain Superchargers in the United States, and it will now be necessary to deal with the J1772 adapter integrated into the Universal Wall Connector as can be seen in the video below.

Charge any EV in North America with the new Universal Wall Connector

Now available in the US and Canada → https://t.co/lcb73F6xGj pic.twitter.com/VbeyD8eeJw

— Tesla Charging (@TeslaCharging) August 15, 2023

For Americans who do not yet have a home charging solution, the Tesla charging station is therefore becoming the benchmark in this area, since it allows you to charge any electric car easily, for a relatively low cost.

Indeed, home charging solutions often exceed $1,000, which makes Tesla’s Wall Connector very competitive. We can make the same observation in Europe, since it is offered at 500 euros where the competition often asks 800 to 1,500 euros for a charging station whose cable is not necessarily attached.

The only downside concerns load shedding, which is one of the important features of a home charging station for many users. To date, the Tesla Wall Connector does not allow this.

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