Koniec z takimi aktualizacjami Windowsa. Będzie lepiej

Windows will take care of itself. Forget about restarting for any reason

Microsoft is preparing a new type of update for Windows. Afterwards, you will not need to restart your computer.

We all know what Windows updates look like these days. After downloading and installing them, you often need to restart your computer. The Redmond company wants to change that, at least when it comes to security patches.

Windows updates without resetting your computer

Microsoft plans to introduce a “hot patching” feature in Windows 11. It is expected to appear with a major update, marked 24H2, which is expected to debut later this year. Thanks to this, after installing the security patch, there will be no need to restart the computer, as is the case now.

Microsoft uses a similar solution in Windows Server 2022 and Xbox consoles. The Redmond company explains that hot patching patches the code in the memory of a running process on the fly, without the need to restart it.

The only downside to this solution is a possible drop in performance. VBS (Virtualization Based Security) is used for this type of updates, which, for example, in the case of players, may translate into a drop in liquidity. Therefore, some people may want to disable this function.

Hot patching is supposed to be reserved for security updates, at least initially. In the case of patches that introduce some new features to the system, you will still need to restart your computer.

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