Windows wprowadza rewolucję w Windowsie. Wpłynie na graczy

Windows will get a new feature. It will affect the image

Next month, Microsoft will introduce a solution to Windows that can significantly improve the smoothness of games.

Next month, Microsoft will officially present a new feature in Windows that is intended to make the lives of gamers easier. The show will take place on March 21 during DirectX State of the Union. People from NVIDIA and AMD are also expected to appear on stage, together with representatives of the company from Redmond.

DirectSR, new in Windows

This new technology is called DirectSR. A few days ago, rumors about it appeared, and now we know when Microsoft will officially show it to the world. This will happen, as I have already mentioned, on March 21, 2024, during the DirectX State of the Union. Shawn Hargreaves and Austin Kinross from Microsoft, as well as Wessam Bahnassi from NVIDIA and Rob Martin from AMD will appear on stage.

DirectSR is a solution that scales the resolution in games, which allows for better fluidity with a virtually imperceptible loss of image quality. (depending on settings). It works similarly to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, and both companies cooperated with Microsoft on the new Windows feature.

This will be Microsoft’s first approach to the image scaling technique. DirectSR is intended to be a universal solution that will work on graphics cards from various manufacturers (although we don’t know about Intel). From the description of the speech we learn that the novelty is intended primarily to facilitate game developers for Windows computers.

Since DirectSR is intended to be a universal solution, it will probably not take advantage of individual graphics card capabilities, such as Tensor cores in NVIDIA GeForce models. Therefore, we can suspect that DLSS will still be the best in terms of effectiveness, but it is better to wait for official tests to draw conclusions.

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