Windows wyświetli nowy znak wodny. Kiedy go zobaczysz?

Windows will display a new watermark. When will you see him?

Windows 11 version 24H2 will display a new warning in the form of a watermark. When will it appear?

This year, Windows 11 will receive a major update in the form of version 24H2. This one will introduce many new features, including many related to artificial intelligence. New laptops with NPU (Neural Processing Unit) units that will have this version pre-installed are called AI PCs. However, not all equipment will meet the requirements related to artificial intelligence. Then what?

Windows 11 will display a watermark

We recently learned that AI-related features (e.g. AI Explorer) have specific requirements in Windows 11 24H2. This is according to the test version, marked as build 26100. Moreover, the system will have a special mechanism for checking whether the computer meets these requirements. If not, it will display an appropriate notification in the form of a watermark.

These requirements include a processor with support for SSE4.2 and PopCnt instructions. In addition, the computer must have 16 GB of RAM and a disk with a capacity of at least 225 GB. Without this, the system will not allow you to use the new versions of Copilot and AI Explorer.

Fortunately, this can be disabled by deactivating ID 48486440. Importantly, this will only disable the watermark, not the requirements checking mechanism itself, so the AI ​​feature still cannot be used on incompatible computers.

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