Windows AI assistant is coming (very) soon to your PC

Microsoft announced the official launch of its Copilot AI during its Surface Event. Soon integrated into Windows 11, it acts as a real intelligent assistant to save you time on all your tasks.

Announced with great fanfare last March, Microsoft’s AI entitled “Copilot” will be available on September 26 for Windows 11 during its 23H2 update deployed worldwide. After months of testing its Windows Insider program dedicated to developers, this conversational chatbot is about to integrate the OS for good and thus offer a new way of using your computer. A quick overview.

An AI companion for all Microsoft tools

We were already able to test it last July during its beta version, Copilot presents itself as a real artificial intelligence chatbot integrating directly into Windows 11 and its tools. With this official announcement, Microsoft confirms that there will only be one instance of Copilot across its entire galaxy of tools and services. Understand that it will therefore always be the same chatbot regardless of the platform through which you access it. It will be possible to launch it with a single click from your desktop or even with a voice command.

Concretely, a window strongly resembling Bing Chat is launched alongside your applications via, allowing you to enter the request of your choice. Whether it’s changing Windows settings (“Switch to dark mode”, “Take a screenshot”, “Change refresh rate”) or just being creative (“Tell me the story from a tech journalist specializing in Windows”), Copilot acts as an assistant running on the same engine as ChatGPT (normally, the two work on roughly the same model).

Copilot can help you better understand the content displayed in Microsoft Edge: you can ask it to summarize an article, rewrite it entirely or even delve deeper into the subject. Within Bing, it will help you perform more targeted searches. Microsoft has shown the example of a real assistant for your purchases, helping you to compare several products, find similar ones and even search for the best discounts for you.

See you at the end of September

The assistant now connects to its Office 365 suite and will allow you to easily generate content using targeted queries. Do you want a cover letter template to apply to an AI-related start-up? Word will give you a basis to work from. You want to rewrite a passage in a more relaxed, solemn or professional way, Copilot will take care of it for you. The assistant will also be connected to PowerPoint for more engaging presentations, Excel to generate tables and graphs in seconds or Outlook to organize your emails in two clicks.

You will be able to test Copilot in Windows 11’s 23H2 update scheduled for September 26, which will bring with it many other new features.

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