Windows 11 will gain performance on Mac thanks to this VMWare Fusion update

A major update to VMWare Fusion will allow the virtualization tool to support 3D acceleration. This new feature should significantly improve the performance of Windows 11 virtual machines launched on ARM Macs, equipped with Apple Silicon chips.

VMware has announced that it is updating its Fusion virtualization software. Used to launch Windows 11 as a virtual machine on ARM devices, mainly Macs, MacBooks and iMacs equipped with an Apple Silicon chip, this tool will now support 3D acceleration.

This is a significant change for the utility, which should therefore deliver significantly improved performance when its new version is fully rolled out. The latter will notably allow users to run under much better conditions applications (creation software, for example) and games based on DirectX 11, requiring a large amount of graphics power.

For now, and as 9to5Mac points out, however, this novelty only concerns VMware Fusion Tech Preview 2023, the latest beta of VMWare’s software. Understand that it will take a little longer before all VMWare Fusion users can enjoy it.

A major new feature for VMWare Fusion

Now you can not only take full advantage of your Mac’s computing power for your productivity tasks, but also immerse yourself in a breathtaking multimedia or gaming experience. “, explains VMWare about this support for 3D acceleration by its tool.

Recall that this 3D acceleration works not only for applications and games designed specifically for ARM, but also for emulated 32-bit and 64-bit software. This is what makes this announcement so interesting. It should also be noted that this novelty will benefit all users, even those who do not play on their Windows 11 virtual machine, and who do not use software requiring 3D power. The overall performance level of VMWare Fusion should indeed be firmed up.

Last precision, and not least, the new version of VMWare Fusion will bring with it the VMWare Tools, allowing in particular drag and drop between macOS and Windows, or the sharing of the clipboard between the two operating systems. This version also has the merit of improving overall security and supporting macOS Sonoma, now available in open beta.

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