Banki na wojnie z gotówką

Will they take cash from Poles? That’s what the banks want

Banks systematically change price lists and increase fees. According to experts, cash handling is a big problem for them.

This year, three banks have already decided to change their price lists and increase fees. These include Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas and mBank. The latter was particularly surprising because it introduces a fee for ATM withdrawals using BLIK. Banks justify the rising costs, but according to experts, the problem is, among other things, expensive cash – informs

Cash too expensive for banks?

According to experts, banks’ problem is rising costs. In an interview with, Krzysztof Bachta, who was previously responsible for PZU’s strategy and managed Alior Bank, said that it was up to 20%. annually. Moreover, banks are to prepare for worse times resulting from falling interest rates.

In addition, cash will be a problem for banks because it is more expensive than non-cash transactions. Why? Because they require many steps that are not available in digital transactions.

Therefore, banks are trying in various ways to encourage customers to give up traditional money in favor of digital ones. New regulations are also important, as they impose on them the obligation to counteract money laundering, which is also an additional cost.

The increases are intended to redirect the customer to cheaper service channels. They are a result of changes in law that result in an increase in cash handling costs.

– said Michał Sobolewski from the BOŚ Brokerage House.

It is worth recalling that the European Union is preparing new regulations that are intended to limit cash transactions. These types of transactions are to be allowed only up to PLN 10,000. euro, but from 3 thousand euro currency are to be checked carefully, taking into account the identity of customers, and, if necessary, institutions are to report suspicious behavior.

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