Unia zabierze Polakom gotówkę? Stanowisko jest jasne

Will the EU take cash from Poles? The position is clear

At the next meeting of the European Parliament, politicians will debate the future of cash. They are to prepare new regulations and directives on this matter.

It's no secret that cash is slowly disappearing. Poland is one of the European leaders when it comes to cashless payments. This year's report “Payment preferences of Poles 2024” shows that 75 percent Many of us pay by card, phone or watch. Meanwhile, the European Parliament will debate the future of cash, writes Fakt.

The EU will decide on the future of cash

The next session of the European Parliament will be held on April 22-25, during which MEPs will debate, among other things, the future of cash. Their goal is to facilitate access to physical money, among other things, by increasing sales points where it will be possible to withdraw banknotes.

MEPs also want to ensure better access to cash for all citizens, especially those in remote or rural areas.

– informs the European Parliament.

The European Union believes that access to cash should be as wide as possible. This may come as a surprise to many, because in its own way it is a reversal of current trends. In recent years, it has been noticeable how strongly cashless payments, including mobile ones, have been promoted.

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