Why you should really take care of your smartwatch screen

The Verge site has learned that Google does not offer any repairs for the screen of its connected watch. The American manufacturer is far from being the only one in this case.

Screens are often the weak point of our electronic devices, whether smartphones, tablets or connected watches. Even if manufacturers seek to make them more resistant, particularly with Gorilla Glass or sapphire glass technologies, they are in fact particularly sensitive to problems of scratches or even breakage following an impact.

Google is no exception to the rule with its first connected watch, launched almost a year ago, the Pixel Watch. As reported by the American site The Vergethe firm has especially not planned any replacement for the scratched or cracked screens of its users:

At this time, we do not offer any repair options for the Pixel Watch. If your watch is damaged, you can contact the Pixel Watch support team to see your replacement options.

Concretely, it therefore does not seem possible for Google to replace the damaged screen of a Pixel Watch, even though the repair seems relatively simple as analyzed by the site iFixit, specializing in the repair and dismantling of electronic appliances. This choice seems to be made mainly because of the cost and the lack of spare parts accessible by the manufacturer in order to replace the display of its watch.

A concern that does not only concern Google

However, Google is not the only manufacturer not to offer screen replacement in the event of a damaged display on its connected watch. On Apple’s side, if the glass can be replaced in the event of a damaged screen, it will cost at least 359 euros to replace the screen of an Apple Watch Series 8, a price close to that of the watch in it -even. However, with an AppleCare+ contract, the price of the repair then drops to 65 euros.

On Samsung’s side, no repairs are planned by the manufacturer either and you will have to contact approved centers to repair the screen of a Galaxy Watch.

As a reminder, Google’s next connected watch, the Pixel Watch 2, must be announced on October 4. However, it is unclear whether the firm will reverse course and allow its customers to replace the screen of its next connected watch.

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