why this new Chinese brand which will arrive in Europe is one to watch

After Nio and BYD, it is the turn of the Chinese firm Exeed to prepare to arrive on the European market. With its high-end positioning, the latter should compete with Tesla as well as German manufacturers.

The massive arrival of Chinese manufacturers has already started several months ago, which has the gift of annoying the European Union. The latter fears becoming a simple importer and has imagined several measures to counter this muscular offensive. In addition, an investigation was recently opened for unfair competition by the Chinese government.

A new arrival

But all this doesn’t really seem to have any effect on brands from the Middle Kingdom. BYD, for example, announced that it would not give up its expansion plans on the Old Continent, while other manufacturers are preparing their arrival. This is for example the case of Avatr with its cars co-developed by Huawei as well as Nio, which will soon arrive in France under another brand.

But another arrival is also slowly preparing. This is the Chery firm, already well established in China but totally unknown in our regions. But there is no doubt that this will not last, since it is preparing to arrive in Europe in the coming months. Information that we had already announced in a previous article, but now we know more.

If three brands should see the light of day on the Old Continent in the coming years, a bit like BYD which will also be present with its high-end Denza division, we know the name of the first. It will be Exeed, as announced by the journalists of the British site Coach. They were able to talk with his chief engineer Peter Martinwho until then worked at Jaguar-Land Rover.

The latter confirms that the brand will do its arrival in nine European countries over the next 24 months. For the moment, the complete list has not been detailed, but we know that the United Kingdom is part of it. It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case for France or not. One thing is certain, several models will be planned depending on the markets.

Electric, but not only

Indeed, the brand’s spokesperson explains that several engines will be available, including 100% electric cars. The site’s journalists Carscoops mention in particular the arrival of a sedan as well as an SUV, which could be equipped with autonomous driving thanks to a LiDAR sensor installed on the roof. They would also be based on an 800 volt architecture for fast charging.

Will it be the E03 and E0Y, just unveiled by the Chinese manufacturer? For the moment, nothing is certain yet, because it cannot be ruled out that models will be designed or adapted for the European market. In any case, the latter are respectively hunting in the lands of the new BMW i5 and Audi Q8 e-tron. A third model is also said to be in preparation.

One thing is certain, the positioning of this young brand will be high-end, which will obviously allow it to compete head-on with Tesla. According to Peter Martin, Exeed will also target BMW, Mercedes and Lexus, offering similar services, but at a significantly lower price. Thanks to the help of the Chinese government, as the European Union suspects? This still remains to be proven.

The manufacturer will also offer subscription-based offers and will have its own physical points of sale. Later, it is not excluded that the Omoda and Jaecoo brands are also arriving in Europe.

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