Why this electric concept from BMW is critically important

BMW is preparing to lift the veil on an all-new concept car, which will prefigure its future cars based on the Neue Klasse platform. The first of the series should see the light of day in 2025.

Remember, at the very beginning of the year, BMW unveiled its i Vision Dee concept at CES in Las Vegas. A study of style which was not really innocent, since it announced many technologies, including an astonishing windshield which had inspired a panoramic head-up display. But the firm does not want to stop there.

A precursor concept

Indeed, it still has other plans for the coming months, having recently lifted the veil on its highly anticipated i5. And as revealed by the journalists of the site Carscoopsthe German manufacturer would be in the process of working on another concept car. The latter would be officially unveiled next September 2on the occasion of the Munich show.

In any case, this is what the chairman of the board of directors Oliver Zipse suggests, who spoke at a conference on Thursday. The latter announces that the Neue Klasse platform will make its world premiere on that date. But the latter does not give any additional details for the moment on what awaits us.

BMW i Vision Dee

We suspect that this technical basis will not be presented alone, and that it will take the form of a concept, which will bear the name of Vision Neue Klasse. One thing is certain, the latter would be very close to production and will soon be on the roads. It could be a reworked version of the i Vision Dee, with perhaps more realistic lines for a production run.

We know that the first two cars to adopt this new platform will be a sedan and SUV. This should in particular be the future electric 3 Serieswhich will see the light of day in 2025. Everything therefore suggests that this style study should announce this newcomer.

Many improvements

If we will still have to take our troubles patiently before finding out more, the manufacturer has already communicated quite a bit about its future platform, which will equip all electric models in the range. This will bring its share of novelties, starting with the arrival of new cylindrical batteries. These are said to outperform Tesla’s 4680 and offer fast charging in just 12 minutes.

Supplied by CATL, which wants to develop its factories in Europe, they would also cost less to produce and would be less polluting, while LFP (lithium – iron – phosphate) packs would also be used later. For now, the manufacturer uses NMC batteries (nickel – manganese – cobalt), which are denser, but more expensive.

The manufacturer could also review its strategy to take inspiration from Tesla. Thus, each model could be available in several versions with one or more engines depending on the autonomy, as Elon Musk does on his Model 3, among others. The radius of action in question could also be impressive, around 800 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, even if this has yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer.

Cars based on the Neue Klasse platform will also be equipped with an 800-volt architecture as well as level 3 autonomous driving. In total, six models have already been planned by the manufacturer between 2025 and 2027, but others could arrive a little later.

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