why this adventure bike walkie talkie caught our eye

During its Reveal event, the “Decathlon Yart” project was nominated in the “Techno & Innovation” category. What is it about ? A walkie-talkie system connected to each other, the radius of which between each model reaches 1 km.

On Wednesday October 11, Decathlon held its annual event “ Reveal », during which 16 products were nominated in four main categories, including a new electric scooter that we were able to discover on site. For each category, a winner was named. The Decathlon Yart was cited in the “Technology & Innovation», without garnering the most votes.

This little object which looks exactly like a walkie-talkie is not the revolution of the year, but it nevertheless caught our eye when we discovered it. It is based on a philosophy structured around three themes: security, coaching and sharing.

Roger that

One of the examples shown by Decathlon highlighted a group of four cyclists, riding an electric mountain bike in the middle of the forest. Each user carried their Decathlon Yart, attached to a shoulder strap that crosses their bust. The idea is to have it at chest level, a location close enough to your mouth to speak into it.

Each Yart is connected to each other: all you have to do is speak into your walkie-talkie to send a message to your friend behind or in front of you. This can be useful if, for example, you open the passage and a danger must be quickly alerted to other cyclists.

The range between each Decathlon Yart is one kilometer. On technical routes or tough descents of a few hundred meters, it can be interesting to start off. Once the route is completed, it is then possible to notify your sidekick, indicating that the way is clear.

A very light little gadget

Resistant to impacts, water or snow, the Decathlon Yart claims eight hours of autonomy for logical useoutdoor(hiking, mountaineering, skiing, cycling). We had the chance to hold it in our hand, and were impressed by its lightness. For sure, its ultra-low weight will not bother you.

At the time of writing, we are not aware of its price.

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