Why the iPhone SE 4 could be the merger between an iPhone 14 and an iPhone 15

A new leak reveals some interesting details about the potential 4th generation iPhone SE. Apple’s cheapest smartphone would be back in yet another version, with two new features that only arrived on the iPhone 15: USB-C and the Action button.

2024 or 2025? For the moment, rumors contradict each other on the release date of the iPhone SE 4, not yet announced by Apple. While the 3rd generation iPhone SE was released in 2022, Apple is preparing to renew it. New details have been revealed by MacRumorsfrom the media’s own sources, about Ghost, the code name of the smartphone.

The design of the iPhone 14…

The iPhone SE 4 would therefore be entitled to the chassis of the iPhone 14, in a modified version. However, until now, the rumors were more focused on the resumption of the design of the iPhone XR. MacRumors specifies that the iPhone SE 4 “ likely won’t feature the curved edges of the iPhone 15 lineup. » We can therefore assume that the edges of the chassis would be flat, unlike the iPhone XR.

No ultra-wide angle however, you would have to make do with a single main photo sensor. The accompanying flash should offer a layout similar to that found on the current iPhone SE. However, we do not know what the shape of the camera would look like, the iPhone 14 necessarily having two sensors at least. The sensor and flash could be grouped into a single oblong bump, or only the ring formed by the camera would be raised. Still regarding this sensor, it would offer a definition of 48 Mpx, while that of the 3rd generation iPhone SE is limited to 12 Mpx.

The specialized media MacRumors recalls, as other leaks have already done, that this future iPhone “ affordable » would have an Oled screen, where the current SE only has an LCD panel. Design of iPhone 14 requires, Touch ID would be abandoned in favor of Face ID.

And the new features of the iPhone 15

What will be more interesting are undoubtedly the two new features of the iPhone 15, which will be available on this future iPhone SE. First of all, USB-C: no more Lightning, Apple would definitely give up on it. Alongside the AirPods and AirPods Max, the iPhone SE is one of the brand’s latest products still in Lightning. A change that seems likely: from 2025, all (or almost all) electronic products sold in the European Union will have to be USB-C. If Apple released its iPhone SE 4 in 2024, the manufacturer would be authorized to keep the Lightning: the same thing for the iPhone 16. Everything suggests that the brand has anticipated the loss of its connectivity.

Another big change: the end of the Ring/Silent switch, in favor of the Action button. As a reminder, the latter arrived on the iPhone 15 and offers several features that you can adjust yourself. Turn on the lamp, open the camera, switch to silent mode, use a shortcut… all these functions would be available on this iPhone.

Apple is reportedly working on its own 5G modem

Under the code name “ Sinope » would hide a 5G modem developed entirely by Apple. It would be on the iPhone SE 4 as well as a derivative of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to information from MacRumors Still, this modem was planned for the iPhone 16, but it seems that the project has fallen behind schedule. Indeed, Qualcomm indicated in a recent press release that it would supply smartphone modems to Apple until 2026.

Some rumors indicated that the iPhone SE 4 was only developed to test the modem, and that it would never be released. Details which seem less and less probable given the leaks which are becoming clearer. At the moment, production has not yet started, which means that other changes could occur.

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