Why Peugeot will never sell its electric e-308 (and does not want to sell it)

That’s it, we finally know all the prices of the Peugeot e-308 electric range. And it’s a bad surprise. Two versions even exceed the ecological bonus ceiling! We explain to you why this is a serious error on the part of Stellantis.

Peugeot multiplies the errors and clumsiness around the launch of its new e-308 electric sedan. If you followed its news, you must remember the failed launch. In question: a price of 40 euros too high to be able to claim the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros. Fortunately, a few days later, the French manufacturer had revised its copy, to pass the price of the Peugeot e-308 First Edition at 46,990 euros.

Lower prices? Yes and no

Who says First Edition says generous equipment and high price. We then expected softer prices for the launch of the rest of the range. This has just been unveiled by Stellantis, and the least we can say is that we were served a grimace soup. While some were hoping for a starting price of around 40,000 euros, the Peugeot e-308 in Allure finish claims 45,720 euros (or 44,810 euros after discounts) to exit the dealership. We are still within the threshold to obtain the ecological bonus, phew.

But be careful, if you want a little more complete equipment, you will have to go on the GT finish. The list price is then 48,220 euros, or 47,260 euros after internet discounts. As a reminder, an electric car must not cost more than 47,000 euros to be eligible for the ecological bonus. Peugeot gratifies us with 260 euros too much… but for what reason?

Want the best? The Sochaux has increased the prices of the e-308 First Edition… at 48,000 euros in the catalog and 47,040 euros after the discounts. Either the prices that had caused a reaction. There you go, the circle is complete, move on, there is nothing more to see! 40 euros too much which removes the right to the bonus.

The competition leaves nothing to pass

We imagine that some customers will go to the dealership to try to scratch the few tens (or hundreds) of euros which prohibits any access to the bonus for the Peugeot e-308. But is it really a way to do it? Especially when the competition sharpens its weapons, with much more interesting proposals.

We are thinking in particular of Volvo, which has just lifted the veil on its EX30 electric SUV, available from 37,500 euros. Or Renault, which has just relaunched the Mégane E-Tech EV40 from 33,000 euros. And of course, the Tesla Model 3, available from 41,990 euros which breaks everything in its path with its sidekick, the Model Y.

Let’s also not forget the strong arrival of Chinese manufacturers. Whether it’s the MG4 that offers an unbeatable autonomy / price ratioor the future BYD Dolphin which could well harm MG… and Peugeot.

Why buy the Peugeot e-308?

In short, as you will have understood from reading these lines, there is no objective reason to buy the Peugeot e-308 for the moment, with this price totally decorrelated from the market. There is still a very small hope: that Peugeot will market a much more affordable Active version in the future..

If you are interested in buying, know that Peugeot is planning first deliveries in November 2023 if you place an order now. The First Edition version announces deliveries from October.

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