Why now is absolutely not the time to buy an electric Renault Mégane

If Renault really wants a Scénic for less than 40,000 euros, it will have to lower the price of the Mégane. A readjustment that would inevitably have positive effects on sales of the compact electric car, which should see its price plummet.

The price, always the price, again the price. At a time when many motorists are ready to abandon their thermal vehicles, the supply of affordable electric cars is slowly but surely beginning to develop, under the impetus of Chinese manufacturers and Tesla having multiplied price reductions these last months.

Renault sealed off from the price war, the Mégane in difficulty

Logically, this phenomenon claims victims. Some electric cars that yesterday seemed competitive suddenly seem less interesting. This is particularly the case of the electric Mégane, whose sales have also run out of steam after a fanfare start.

At 38,000 euros in basic configuration, the compact Losange suffers from competition from the MG4 (from 29,990 euros). Despite its real qualities, it also struggles to convince against the Tesla Model 3, which does not cost much more (41,190 euros before the arrival of the new version, charged 1,000 euros more). Even if Renault consoles itself with satisfactory margins, this is not really viable in the long term.

Renault Megane E-Tech

As pointed out Auto News, the situation should fortunately change with the arrival of the new Scénic. The electric SUV will sail a notch above the Mégane: more imposing, it will also have the exclusivity of the large 87 kWh battery of the Nissan Ariya and will already display a capacity of 60 kWh at entry level, i.e. 20 kWh more than the base Mégane. But Renault has promised, through the voice of its boss Luca De Meo, to offer an entry price of less than 40,000 euros… and therefore almost identical to that of the Mégane today!

Under these conditions, a price readjustment will necessarily have to be made on the smaller of the two cars. Offering at the same price a 40 kWh electric Mégane and a Scénic that are both more modern, more spacious and equipped with a much larger battery would indeed make no sense.

The Mégane competitive again against Chinese competition?

It remains to be seen how much the drop will be. Clean Automotive puts forward the figure of 3,000 euros. The Mégane would then more or less return to its launch price, which had been set at 35,200 euros. Subsequently, Renault carried out multiple increases, following an inflationary trend which affects almost the entire automobile sector.

Whatever the new price list, it is almost certain that the MG4 will still be significantly cheaper. But as it should also be deprived of the electric bonus from 2024, the Mégane will perhaps have a good card to play!

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